Spill Response Kits

PWS offers a range of products to both prevent, contain and clean up spills. Ensure your workplace has the right spill containment measures in place. 


Our spill response products comply with current legislation and Australian Standards and are a world leader in rapid action absorbents. Enretech spill kits are manufactured in Australia from organic sources including cotton and recycled cellulose.

Ideal for workshops, service vehicles, transport trucks, warehouses, or any ‘high risk’ area, to aid in spill containment and clean up in  the event of an accidental liquid spill. Specialised kits are available on request.

Kits are available in:
* 'Oil Only' (for oil-based liquids such as fuels and lubes)
* Universal (both oil-based and water-based liquids, including weak acids and alkalis)
* HazChem (for aggressive chemicals)

Standard Spill Kits are equipped to handle the most common types of spills and leaks.
Specialised kits can be customised to suit your workplaces requirements, including Dangerous Goods Classes 3, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9.

Click here for more information on spill response procedures.

Meet your legal requirements: ensure your Environmental 'due diligence', as well as your OH&S 'duty of care'.
Reduce your spill clean up costs
Meet your Environment Management Plan for waste reduction, increased use of recycled materials and use of products with a low carbon foot print.