Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

All PWS cabinets are fire tested to comply with the FM rating, something no other cabinets sold in Australia can claim, they also not only comply, but exceed Australian Standard AS1940. We help companies by providing products that can be close to the workplace, thus avoiding the time consuming and often risky practice of collecting from an outside storage facility.

Some things to think about when storing dangerous goods:

  • Conduct a thorough risk assessment and take action to mitigate/minimise risks
  • Clearly label all dangerous goods
  • Use the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) as a guide to the safe storage of dangerous goods
  • Store goods in the appropriate containers and secure, specialised cabinets where indicated by the MSDS
  • Have spill kits and spill containment systems in place (bunds, splash trays, booms and industrial absorbents)
  • Provide all employees with access to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including gloves, masks, respirators
    and protective clothing
  • Install and maintain fire fighting systems such as fire hose reels and personal protective measures such as
    deluge showers, eye wash and eye baths
  • Store gas cylinders in a specialist gas storage locker or cabinet
  • Install the appropriate safety signs to alert employees and visitors to hazards
  • Store the MSDS in a specialist MSDS manifest cabinet that is easily accessible in case of emergency (we
    recommend that the MSDS and emergency plan is stored in emergency information cabinets located at the
    entry and exit point of the workplace)
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